Fueled by bright ideas

our mission is to select and distribute beautiful and quality crafts/products for life with style and substance.

What we are born for

Kajva focus on things that are created by human touch, emotion, and intimacy and make our lives beautiful and comfortable.

Playing is learning

We at Kajva believe that every child learns intuitively. It is our duty to be in a supportive role of a child’s natural learning

What is Kajva?

'Kajva' is a participatory space where everyday people can convene to imagine and build the worlds that they would like to live in

The idea behind Kajva

The word Kajva (Marathi word) (Firefly in English) signifies the existence of a conscious and self-illuminating entity, spreading light in the world.

Through mentorship, support, and fostering a culture of growth and exploration, we endeavor to cultivate a community where each person is encouraged to thrive authentically and passionately. Our journey is guided by the belief that by igniting the spark of potential within every individual, we can collectively illuminate pathways to personal fulfillment, professional success, and profound societal impact.

We celebrate the inherent worth and unique gifts of each individual, recognizing that by embracing diversity and celebrating individuality, we enrich not only our own lives but the lives of all those who intersect our shared journey. Together, we strive to create a world where the pursuit of excellence is fueled by authenticity, where passion and purpose converge to create a tapestry of boundless possibility, and where the collective realization of human potential knows no bounds.

Meet Shailesh, our founder

Shailesh is creative expert and entrepreneur. Since 2018, he is doing research for few creative and lovely products for life!  He has founded Kajva mother brand as umbrella brand of lovely and creative products for life. He loves to manifest his intuitive creative ideas at Kajva!

Earlier to this for 10 years, Shailesh has contributed his creative expertise in cloud computing for gaming at Nvidia and Persistent Systems Pune. He believes in doing what he really loves to do!

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