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Every child deserves a complete development

We at Kajva believe that every child learns intuitively. It is our duty to be in a supportive role of a child’s natural learning. In fact, they are learning since the very first moment they are into the mother’s womb. Children become what environment they are in. Every child steps in the world with his or her own specialties and a curios mind. They want to explore, imitate, innovate, question everything around them. Education is not limited only to learning alphabets or numbers, learning is not only about maths and science. Children are continuously learning from touch, feel, smell, see, eat, crawl, walk, fall, create, experience.

Kajva wants to be a part of your child’s learning process. We strongly beleive in five sheaths of human existence. We believe if we can provide for all five sheath, we can live a fully contained life.

What is Panchkoshatmak Vikas?

Let’s understand the concept of five essential elements of human existence

The human individual is comprised of certain layers or sheaths. The outermost sheath is the annamaya kosha (अन्नमय कोष), or the physical body, which is sustained and nourished by our food. The next layer, internal to the physical body, is the pranamaya kosha (प्राणमय कोष), or the vital body, which is maintained by the water that we drink. The vital body, or the mental body called manomaya kosha (मनोमय कोष), is located inner to the pranamaya kosha and is sustained by the subtle elements of the diet we take. Internal to the mind is the buddhi (बुद्धि) or understanding, the highly purified form of thought. Internal to the intellect is the last kosha, or sheath, called the causal body—through which we experience a kind of bliss when we are fast asleep. 

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