Little JEEP

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CLASSIC DESIGN! ‘Little JEEP’ Designed thoughtfully and created with passion to enhance your child’s playtime.

SAFE TO PLAY. Made with high quality pure (natural) eco-friendly rubber wood. Edges are kept smooth so that it is safe for children to play. Painted with water based safe (non-toxic) colours. Precisely handcrafted in India.

PRECIOUS PLAYTIME FOR YOUR CHILD. Little children spend their time with this ‘Little JEEP’ in various ways. Sometimes it is their walk mate.Due to smooth wheels, it motivates toddlers to play more and spend more time with their friends

COMPLEMENTORY GROWTH! Enhances your child’s hand-eye coordination. Encourages lots of self-exploration and imagination. Wheel base toys helps the child to understand the forward and backward movements also the role of wheel in the movement.

EITHERGIFTIT OR DECORATE YOUR SPACE! Best gift for your child or your near and dear one’s. Best birthday gift for 1+ year old baby boy and girl. After your Child’s playtime, decorate your space with this adorable wooden toy.

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What if toys were designed from a child’s point of view, so that children talk to toys, make friends with them. Ancestors and current generation of parents believes that wheel based  toys are perfect for child’s precious playtime. Most importantly itmotivates the child to move around and walk more (hence it also helps in reducing screen time for children).

Keeping all these things in mind, our designers has come up with various wheel-based toys for children in affordable price. Children love vehicles. They keen to have their own vehicles. You might have come across many traditional wooden toys in the form of old age vehicles. With same thought and new design (simple and elegant), we are introducing new form of those toys in same high quality wooden material. While creating these toys we keep in mind about the safety of children while playing with it.

Children use these toys in many aspects. Sometimes it is their vehicle in their playtime with their friends.We think that these kinds of toys are just tools/medium for their imagination. Imagination is seed of creativity. We think that is most important value of these toys. Apart from these, these toys are helping children to enhance their hand-eye coordination. Understanding the roll of wheel for moving forward and backword. We believe that design of toy should focus few or many areas of real development of child i.e. five kinds of development [panchkosh:Annamay Kosh(Physical Layer), Pranamay Kosh(Energy Layer), Manomay Kosh(Mind Layer), Buddhimay Kosh(Intellect Layer), Anandamay Kosh(Spiritual Layer)].

We are sure that your children will love these toys. And we are sure that these toys will add important values to their life. Gift it for your child or near and dear one’s!

It is important for parents to be conscious about choosing toy for their children, because toys also shape children. Happy parenting!


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